Negligent Security

While you may feel that a property owner is protecting you from danger (negligent security, inadequate security), it is often the case that property owners put profits over safety, and when that happens dangerous predators seize the opporunity to attack.

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If you live in an apartment or condominium complex, you should be expect that the complex manager or building owners will keep the premises safe using reasonable safety precautions. This includes common areas such as parking lots, hallways, laundry rooms and recreational areas. These areas should be secure, well lit and adequately locked. It is not uncommon, however, for building managers and property owners to be negligent and ignore safety issues instead of securing the premises. This leaves tenants, visitors and renters at potential risk.

Common crimes that occur in complexes can include break-ins, burglary, theft and violent crimes like assault, rape and murder; many of which, potentially, could have been have been avoided.

Things apartment and condo management can do to improve security:

When our premises liability attorneys work with investigators, criminologists, and industry safety experts, to identify the ways in which security failed to adequately protect its tenants, property guests and visitors, from foreseeable danger. We will look into the history of the property for evidence of similar crimes or other behavior that may lead to the assault, shooting, rape, break-in, etc. With former criminal prosecutors on our team, we understand both the criminal and civil justice systems and the impact each can have on crime victims and we have effectively pursued those actions and fought for our client’s rights in court

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an assault, rape, shooting, or murder while an apartment complex or condominium complex, contact our negligent security attorneys to discuss your legal rights.


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