Negligent Security

While you may feel that a property owner is protecting you from danger (negligent security, inadequate security), it is often the case that property owners put profits over safety, and when that happens dangerous predators seize the opporunity to attack.

Negligent Security Educational Seminars

Continuing Education for Legal Processional, Caregivers & Victims Advocates

Farmer, Jaffe, Weissing, Edwards, Fistos and Lehrman provide a list of upcoming and past training seminars that they are coordinating or have participating in. These training seminars are dedicated to individuals that represent and care for victims of negligent security, inadequate security and violent crime victims (sexual abuse and assault, rape, murder, shooting, robbery and abductions). The seminars provide participants with the tools to increase success in the courtroom. The seminars will cover new laws, science, and important techniques to collect and preserve evidence and help victims of violent crimes seek justice against the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes.

APRIL 26, 2013

Keynote Speaker Brad Edwards
Conference: 33rd Annual Awards Luncheon
Sponsors: Palm Beach County Victims' Rights Coalition
Contact: 561-688-3974 or 561-688-4162
April 26, 2012
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Audience: Community and Crime Victims' Rights Advocates
Additional Information: Join Emcee Alan Ortman and Keynote Speaker Victim Rights Attorney Bradley Edwards along with members of the Victims’ Rights Coalition as we acknowledge victims’ rights and those individuals in our community that have protected the rights of victims’ and their families.
Presenter: Attorney Brad Edwards


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