Negligent Security

While you may feel that a property owner is protecting you from danger (negligent security, inadequate security), it is often the case that property owners put profits over safety, and when that happens dangerous predators seize the opporunity to attack.

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Security Cameras, Surveillance Cameras & Closed-Circuit Television

Some studies suggest that the installation of security cameras in public places (hotels, convenience stores, schools, ATMs, apartment complexes, etc.) deters people from committing serious crimes like robbery, assault and sexual assault in those areas.

The theory for crime preventions is that potential offenders will refrain from criminal activity if they know they are being watched and believe they are at greater risk of getting caught. Security Cameras may also increase the public’s perceptions of safety and therefore deter crime; whether in high crime areas or not.

Businesses, building owners and landlords have a duty to provide adequate and reasonable safety measures for their employees, tenants and visitors. This may require businesses and workplaces to install working security cameras. Security cameras are for deterring criminals, catching crimes underway, and to help provide key evidence to solve crimes that are committed.

Security Cameras can be found in lobbies, elevators, or outside buildings to monitor courtyards, playgrounds, parking lots and walkways. In some cases, however, security cameras, security alarms, surveillance systems, intercoms or call boxes are not installed, are not properly monitored, are poor quality, are not properly located to prevent a crime from occurring and staff members are not properly trained on the equipment usage and monitoring.

Types of crimes and violent crimes in areas without security cameras can include:

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an assault, rape, shooting, or murder while an apartment complex or condominium complex due to inadequate surveillance or lack of security cameras, contact our negligent security attorneys to discuss your legal rights.


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