Negligent Security

While you may feel that a property owner is protecting you from danger (negligent security, inadequate security), it is often the case that property owners put profits over safety, and when that happens dangerous predators seize the opporunity to attack.

Negligent Security – Stairwells & Staircases

Violent Crimes – Rapes, Robberies, Murder

We use staircases and stairwells every day without thinking; however, they are often referred to as fringe areas – an area where criminals are likely to operate and an area where you are most likely to be severely injured, attacked, assaulted, robbed, mugged or raped. Stairwells are for passage from one area to another, not a place to linger, loiter or hang out.

Many locations have stairwells including schools, college campuses, work places, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, parking garages, and apartment complexes. The property owners, managers, and tenants of these locations need to ensure reasonable care” to protect against “foreseeable” criminal attacks that occur on their premises, including common areas such as stairwells.

Common safety issues with inadequate security in stairwells:

Here are some things you can do to improve your safety when it comes to stairwells:

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an assault, rape, theft, shooting, or murder due to negligent security in a stairwell or staircase, contact our negligent security attorneys to discuss your legal rights.


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