Negligent Security

While you may feel that a property owner is protecting you from danger (negligent security, inadequate security), it is often the case that property owners put profits over safety, and when that happens dangerous predators seize the opporunity to attack.

Negligent Security & Violent Crimes Under Investigation

Looking for Witnesses in Alleged Negligent Security & Violent Crime Cases

We are currently investigating complaints and inquiries of crimes and security cases (negligent security and inadequate security) and we are looking for witnesses.

Gold Rush Gentleman's club (Credit Card Scam)
Our firm represents a client(s) who was a victim of credit card fraud at Goldrush Gentleman's club. If you have information about employees or management at Goldrush Gentleman’s club committing credit card fraud or any other crimes against Customers, please call our firm. This means, if you or a friend was a victim of a crime at Goldrush Gentleman's Club, or you are a former employee of Goldrush Gentleman's Club who is aware of the illegal activities, please call our firm at 800-400-1098. Your identity can remain anonymous.

Mansion Nightclub In South Beach - Miami (Violent Attack of Patrons)
We are currently handling a case(s) where Club Mansion bouncer(s) attacked a club patron. If you were a victim of similar conduct at Club Mansion or are a former employee with information about such activities, then please call our law firm at 800-400-1098. Your identity can remain anonymous.

If you have information regarding any of the cases under investigation, contact us here or please call our toll-free number 800-400-1098.


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